The Stamford Neighbourhood Plan must be developed with regard to current national planning policy, as identified within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The Framework states that neighbourhood plans should support the strategic development needs of the wider area set out in the existing South Kesteven District Council’s adopted Local Plan.

In essence that means that the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan cannot promote less development than is suugested by the SKDC Local Plan or undermine its strategic policies. The NPPF says that neighbourhood plans should plan positively to shape and direct development that is outside the strategic elements of the Local Plan.

The latest NPPF (revised 2018) can be found here: National Planning Policy Framework

The South Kesteven Local Plan

The Local Plan is a statutory planning document prepared by South Kesteven District Council. It sets out the planning policies that will help to determine the future location, scale, type and design of new development in the District. The Local Plan, together with neighbourhood plans, make up the “statutory development plan” which will be applied when determining future planning applications in the area.

The plan period is from 2011 until 2036. This will provide an additional 10 years horizon beyond the current plan period (to 2026) as set out by the previous Core Strategy, which was adopted 2010, and will ensure that there is at least a 15-year period after the plan is adopted by the Council.

The new Local Plan will eventually replace the Core Strategy (adopted July 2010), Site Allocation and Policies DPD (adopted April 2014) and any remaining saved policies from the 1995 Local Plan. However, it is not envisaged that it will be adopted until early 2019.

The Consultative Draft Plan can be found here: SKDC Local Plan 2011-2036