The very essence of Neighbourhood Planning is public engagement and consultation with local residents, community groups, businesses and other interested stakeholders. Through such consultation, views have been gathered from the Stamford’s townspeople and it is the views shared by them which have informed the creation of our neighbourhood plan.

Our consultation has taken the form of community engagement events, surveys and questionnaires in order to ensure that the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan is representative of the views of locals.

As you would expect from the residents of Stamford – who take such pride in their town and care much for its future – levels of attendance at our events and responses to our various surveys have been high.

The feedback from this extensive consultation, particularly the questionnaires, forms the basis of the policies which have been included in our “Submission Plan” which is now at it’s final consultation phase (Regulation 16) before being examined by the Planning Inspector (Regulation 17).

Prior to the final plan, two drafts were completed. The first of these was completed in August 2019 and was subject to public consultation between August and October 2019. All feedback on the plan was then gathered and in response to it the plan was redrafted to reflect the comments made by residents and statutory consultees. This final draft was signed off by Stamford FIRST for approval by Stamford Town Council which was given in July 2020.

When the final draft is finished it will be assessed by an independent planning inspector who will ensure that the plan is compliant with all aspects of planning law and that it has been the subject of appropriate consultation with local residents.

Only then will the final plan be the subject to an official and legally binding referendum among residents who may support the plan by a simple majority.

If it is supported, the plan can then be adopted and becomes statutory planning law which means all planning applications made in Stamford will have to be compliant with it, giving Stamfordians greater say in the future of our wonderful town.