Following a Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) and a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) by South Kesteven District Council (a process termed ‘Regulation 15’) the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan has now been approved to go forward to Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Process.

Regulation 16 approval will see the plan going to a third and final stage of public consultation in which all stakeholders, statutory bodies and most importantly Stamford residents will be able to participate.

Stamford Neighbourhood Plan – Submission Version – November 2020

This round of consultation will be managed by SKDC through an online process which will be well publicised by them through the press and social media channels and will last for a minimum of 6 weeks. We will promote the link to the consultation page when it is available.

All responses to this consultation will then be forwarded to the Planning Inspector for the final “test” of the plan. This stage is known as regulation 17.

Provided that the planning inspectors findings are favourable the Neighbourhood Plan will go to a referendum in May (as things stand currently) before it is enshrined as planning law. As a statutory planning document, any planning applications made in Stamford will have to comply with the plans policies enabling Stamford’s residents to have a greater say in planning matters.

A copy of the Submission Version – Stamford Neighbourhood Plan November 2020 – can be found here.