Initial Questionnaire

Initial Consultation – Click to complete

Following a number of public meetings in Stamford – with residents, community groups, and the Stamford Chamber of Commerce – Stamford FIRST (which is leading the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Town) is encouraging local residents to complete the first of a series of questionnaires.

The questionnaire is available on-line and is downloadable via this website. Additionally links will be posted via our social media pages and hard copies are available from the Town Hall.

Chairman and founder of StamfordFIRST, David Taylor, said “Consultation with the community is central to the ethos of neighbourhood planning. Our initial questionnaire is designed to help ensure that our group is heading in the right direction from the outset, enabling residents to help us shape our Vision and Objectives for the plan. I urge everyone to engage in this process and take just a few minutes of their time to complete our survey.”

A further and more detailed questionnaire for residents will be issued in July and will cover a much broader range of issues and seek views on (amongst other things) highways and transport, the local economy, tourism, heritage and the environment, housing and education.

There will also be a business focused questionnaire, available in late June, which will give the local business community to give its’ views on Stamford’s future.

For those who would like to become more involved in the Neighbourhood Plan, there is the opportunity to volunteer for one of StamfordFIRST’s Topic Groups (Working Parties)

Those interested should contact StamfordFIRST through its website or by writing to StamfordFIRST at