The results from our Residents Survey Results and our Business Survey Results have enabled Stamford FIRST to determine what Stamford residents deem to be their priorities for the plan. Based upon those surveys we have identified 14 key objectives which our plan has set-out to achieve – 

1. To protect and enhance the town’s unique character and heritage and to retain the town’s strong local identity and distinctiveness.

2. To ensure Stamford retains and enhances its open green access on all approaches to the town through the improvement of the identified Green Wheel network and through the designation of the important Local Green Spaces around the town. The creation of new attractive, well designed and connected open spaces on all new development are welcomed and are vitally important to the continued development and connection of the Green Infrastructure within the town.

3. To ensure that the town’s position as a destination tourist attraction is maintained and that its visitor offer is improved.

4. To support the development of the Urban Extension with in the region of 1450 houses being allocated to the North and East of Stamford, which has been identified within the South Kesteven Local Plan. The Urban Extension must be well integrated, provided the necessary infrastructure, meet the housing needs of the local population, whilst encouraging new residents and businesses to locate to the town.

5. To ensure the investment in infrastructure to support the sustainable growth of the town.

6. To ensure that all new development is designed appropriately and proportionately to the town’s character, heritage and sense of place.

7. To continue to support and enhance the thriving viable town centre as a vibrant retail core and to promote an active leisure and night time economy within the centre of the town. The improvements to the public realm within the town centre and creation of active and well-manicured shop facades will be supported.

8. To improve community life with particular regard for the vulnerable, disadvantaged and disabled by strengthening community infrastructure.

9. To attract investment and new employers to Stamford this will create, new sustainable employment opportunities whilst protecting and supporting existing businesses operating within the town. – Needs to be looked at again once the employment land study comes back and specifically reference the relevant Brownfield sites.

10. To ensure the important views and vistas around the town are protected and, where possible, enhanced.

11. All new developments including alterations and extensions within the area should be contextually responsive and encourage a strong sustainable community. High quality design which responds to its landscape setting and topography is paramount in ensuring new dwellings contribute to the character and identity of the town.

12. To promote and significantly contribute to the improved health, wellbeing, and social cohesion of the local community

13. To promote and provide appropriately positioned car parking facilities for visitors, employers and workers at prices that are affordable to increase the usage of the town centre.

14. To provide a new cultural or creative space and or facility within Stamford.

Each of the policies set-out in the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan will seek to address one or more of these objectives.