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On-line questionnaire – Click to complete

Every Stamford resident will, over the coming weeks, be given a unique chance to have their say on how the town is developed in the future in a major consultation exercise (see Video)

Stamford FIRST (The Stamford Neighbourhood Planning Forum) is in the process of developing the Stamford Plan and has already held a number of launch events with the public to get early feedback.

Next week every household in the town will receive an in-depth survey asking for their views on a range of topics. As well as housing development, topics include sports and leisure facilities, education, heritage and the environment and highways, transport and parking.

The deadline for completing the questionnaires (either the printed or ONLINE versions) is October 7th chairman  chairman of Stamford First David Taylor (a member of Stamford Town Council) is keen for people to get involved and have their say today.

As an added incentive, there are five £100 vouchers for a Stamford restaurant to be won for participants.

Coun Taylor said: “It is inevitable that Stamford will be required to grow in the future but we need to ensure that development occurs without loss of Stamford’s special and distinctive character.

“It is critical that Stamford’s defining assets as an historic and vibrant rural market town and tourist destination, are retained and enhanced, and that Stamford’s important heritage assets and precious green spaces are protected.

“Importantly also, where development occurs, our plan must ensure appropriate improvements to infrastructure and services to enable all sections of the community to enjoy a sustainable way of life.”

He urged people to respond to the plan as soon as possible. Coun Taylor added:  “The creation of Stamford’s Neighbourhood Plan will enable the town’s residents to shape the development of Stamford over the next two decades and represents a genuine opportunity for Stamfordians to claw back lost influence over the towns future.”

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Stamford FIRST urges local businesses – “Give us your views”

Are you in business in Stamford? Do you want to have your say on the future of its local commerce? Do you have views on how the Town can increase tourism, create job opportunities for locals, and provide additional accommodation for businesses to grow? Then please complete our Business Survey here.  YOUR VIEWS COUNT!

Stamford FIRST, the Stamford Neighbourhood Planning Forum, has this week launched its Business Survey to help shape a business growth agenda as part of it’s plan.


Nicholas Rudd-Jones – Chairman, Stamford FIRST Local Economy Group

Nicholas Rudd-Jones, who owns and has run the successful Local Living Magazines in Stamford for 15 years, is the Chairman of Stamford FIRST’s Local Economy Group –  he says “The creation of a Stamford Neighbourhood Plan gives a genuine opportunity for local businesses to share their views and so help us to shape the plan to ensure it reflects the views of employers, shop owners and traders (large and small) throughout the town. We want to make certain that the plan ensures that Stamford provides it’s businesses  with the infrastructure, workforce, customers and environment that they need to thrive. I am really interested to hear your views”

– The information you provide about you or your business will NOT be viewed or published in isolation to other responses.
– Stamford FIRST is interested in your views even if your business or directorship is registered to you in Stamford but operates elsewhere.

Complete the BUSINESS SURVEY Here

Thank you in advance for your help.

Stamford FIRST – Your chance to have a say

Initial Questionnaire

Initial Consultation – Click to complete

Following a number of public meetings in Stamford – with residents, community groups, and the Stamford Chamber of Commerce – Stamford FIRST (which is leading the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Town) is encouraging local residents to complete the first of a series of questionnaires.

The questionnaire is available on-line and is downloadable via this website. Additionally links will be posted via our social media pages and hard copies are available from the Town Hall.

Chairman and founder of StamfordFIRST, David Taylor, said “Consultation with the community is central to the ethos of neighbourhood planning. Our initial questionnaire is designed to help ensure that our group is heading in the right direction from the outset, enabling residents to help us shape our Vision and Objectives for the plan. I urge everyone to engage in this process and take just a few minutes of their time to complete our survey.”

A further and more detailed questionnaire for residents will be issued in July and will cover a much broader range of issues and seek views on (amongst other things) highways and transport, the local economy, tourism, heritage and the environment, housing and education.

There will also be a business focused questionnaire, available in late June, which will give the local business community to give its’ views on Stamford’s future.

For those who would like to become more involved in the Neighbourhood Plan, there is the opportunity to volunteer for one of StamfordFIRST’s Topic Groups (Working Parties)

Those interested should contact StamfordFIRST through its website or by writing to StamfordFIRST at stamfordfirstuk@gmail.com

Stamford FIRST starts consultation


David Taylor – Chairman of Stamford FIRST

Stamford FIRST, the group behind the preparation of Stamford’s neighbourhood plan, was delighted with the turnout at its launch event at New College Stamford last Thursday (28th April 2016)

Around 70 members of the public attended the launch, together with members of the Stamford Neighbourhood Planning Forum. Cllr Bob Adams (Leader of South Kesteven District Council) and Steve Ingram (Strategic Director – Planning and Growth at SKDC) were also present to answer the public’s questions.

David Taylor, Chairman of Stamford FIRST, introduced the proceedings and made a presentation explaining the neighbourhood planning process, how Stamford will benefit from having a plan, and how the community can become involved in shaping it.

A second presentation by Mr Ingram explained how neighbourhood plans fit within the regional and national planning framework.

The event was the first in a series of consultation meetings which will be held in different venues around the town, and those present were invited to share and to discuss what they like about living in Stamford, what they don’t like and how they would like to see Stamford to develop in the future.

Mr Taylor commented, “It was great to have so many Stamfordians having their say on how their town should develop over the next 20 years. Many issues were raised and discussed including whether there is a requirement for further housing within the town, how the existing infrastructure will cope with growth, and how our precious heritage assets and green spaces can be protected. The plan will need to address these and many other issues besides”

The next of Stamford FIRST’s consultations will be a business-focused event, hosted by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce at Borderville, on May 12th, from 6pm-8pm. A further meeting with the St Peter’s Residents Group is also planned for May 19th starting at 7.30pm at the Masonic Centre, All Saints Street, Stamford. (See forthcoming events)

Nick Boles 100% behind StamfordFIRST

MP for Grantham and Stamford, Nick Boles, has given his full backing to community group StamfordFIRST which is leading the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Town.

Mr Boles commented “As Stamford’s MP and a former Planning Minister, I am delighted that the residents of Stamford, through StamfordFIRST, will have the opportunity to engage in the neighbourhood planning process and shape the Town’s future

The creation of a “Stamford Plan” will enable Stamfordians to develop a shared vision for their town and shape the development and growth of the area.”

Against a backdrop of a stated intent to build one million new houses in Britain by 2020, the Government remains strongly committed to encouraging the preparation of neighbourhood plans, allowing local people to secure the most suitable development for their communities, while still meeting the needs of the wider area.

Chairman and founder of StamfordFIRST, David Taylor, said “The creation of a Stamford Neighbourhood Plan is a really exciting opportunity for Stamfordians to engage in a process which will enable them to shape the development of Stamford over the next two decades.

It is our intention that, through the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan, Stamford will lose none of its special and distinctive character. We want ensure that its defining assets, as an historic and vibrant rural market town and tourist destination, are retained and enhanced, and that its important heritage assets and precious green spaces are protected.

In order to harness the town’s growth potential the plan will also seek to secure appropriate improvements to infrastructure and services and enable all sections of the community to enjoy a sustainable way of life.”

Commenting further Nick Boles said “Stamford’s Town Council and the Towns residents currently have little influence on local planning issues, where development should take place, and the type of development which should be undertaken – these decisions are made by South Kesteven District Council.

The creation of the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan gives the opportunity for Stamfordians to have a real say and I’m 100% behind StamfordFIRST who are championing the project.”

Central to the ethos of neighbourhood planning is engagement and consultation with the community, community groups, businesses and other interested stakeholders.

Mr Taylor commented “It is our intent to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to give their views on the future development of the town. This process of consultation will take place at public events, meetings with community groups and local business representatives, through our website, and via online and paper based questionnaires.”

StamfordFIRST’s launch event will take place at New College Stamford on April 28th at 6.30pm and all members of the public are welcome.

For those who would like to become more involved in the neighbourhood plan, there is the opportunity to volunteer for one of StamfordFIRST’s Topic Groups (working parties) which will focus on issues such as Heritage, Business and Commerce, Highways and Environment. Those interested should contact StamfordFIRST through its website or by writing to StamfordFIRST at stamfordfirstuk@gmail.com.

Following completion of the plan and further consultation it will be subject of a referendum when everyone in Stamford will be able to vote for or against it’s adoption at which point it becomes a statutory planning document.


Stamford First group formed to develop neighbourhood plan

The people of Stamford will be asked how they want to see their town develop in future in order to form a neighbourhood plan.

Stamford Town Council has set up a task group called Stamford First to lead the process of creating the plan.

Once it is created it will be put to public referendum. If it is approved, it will form part of South Kesteven District Council’s development plan and will carry significant weight in future planning decisions.

Chairman of Stamford First, town councillor David Taylor (Stamford Group of Independents), said: “The neighbourhood planning process is designed to enable local people to exert a strong and effective influence on local development.

“A key part of the process for developing the Stamford plan will therefore be consultation with the public in order to gather their views on the future development of their town.

“I encourage everyone to have their say by engaging in the consultation process.”

While the neighbourhood planning process will be managed under the auspices of the town council and its strategic development committee, Coun Taylor said it was “very much the town’s plan, which will be influenced and directed by the views of its residents.”

Consultation will be done through public meetings and questionnaires. The town council estimates it will take two years to finalise the plan and put it to a referendum.

The Stamford First group comprises members of the town and district councils, as well as Lincolnshire County Council, together with representatives of businesses, retailers, developers and landowners, and also from education, tourism and the wider community.

Chairman of the town council’s strategic development committee Coun Max Sawyer (Stamford Group of Independents) said: “This is a genuine opportunity for Stamfordians to claw back lost influence over Stamford’s future.

“At the moment the influence Stamford residents and their representatives on the town council have over the future development of our town is negligible at best.”

Stamford First plans to launch a website and social media presence to allow people to keep up with its work.

Read more: http://www.stamfordmercury.co.uk/news/politics/politics-news/stamford-first-group-formed-to-develop-neighbourhood-plan-1-7089618#ixzz41vnMaQwa