Starting on Friday 23rd August a draft of the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan will go out for public consultation.

This gives all Stamford residents the chance to make comments on the plan.

Everyone is encouraged to have their say by feeding back comments, either by by letter or by email which should be sent to If you wish to respond by letter, these should be posted to the following address

The Town Clerk
Stamford Town Council
Town Hall
St Mary’s Hill

You can view or download a PDF of the draft plan here or obtain a bound copy from the Town Hall.

The consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks from August 23rd to October 18th 2019.

During the consultation period we will be holding a minimum of three consultation events at which you will be able to find out more about the plan draft and discuss it with members of the Stamford FIRST team.

Venues and dates for these events can be found here.

All comments provided through the consultation period will then be analysed and the document redrafted to take them into account before a final version goes to an independent planning inspector for approval.

Following that the final plan will be the subject of a referendum in which all Stamford residents will be given the opportunity to support the plan or otherwise. It is hoped that the referendum (a legally binding one) will take place in January or February 2020.

If adopted the plan then becomes a statutory planning document with which all future planning applications within Stamford will have to comply.