Following a recent inspection by South Kesteven District Council, the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to a final round of public consultation starting next Monday, March 8th and lasting for a period of 6 weeks.

This consultation will give everyone the opportunity to have a final say on the plan which has been four years in development.

During September 2020 the plan was subject to inspection by officers at SKDC to determine that it was compliant with existing planning law and that the correct processes had been adhered to during it’s creation.

A “screening” report was then issued by SKDC in February recommending the NP is issued for consultation.

David Taylor, chairman of the Stamford First, which, acting under the auspices of Stamford Town Council, said “This plan has taken four years to prepare, which may seem a long time. But the planning process is a lengthy one (Neighbourhood Plans, on average take up to five years to write and be adopted) and Covid-19 has played its part in causing some delay. However, we are now close to the finishing line and once the public has had its further say on the plan it will go forward for scrutiny by the Planning Inspector before a legally binding referendum is held amongst Stamford residents”.

The referendum will be held in the same way as any election with all residents able to vote yes or no to the plan’s adoption. If successful, the plan is then “adopted” and becomes enshrined in planning law. Thereafter, all planning applications in Stamford will have to be compliant with the policies in the plan.

Mr Taylor said “This plan set-out to protect Stamford, to safeguard what we have now and preserve what makes it such a special place, and to help shape future development so that Stamford doesn’t lose its unique identity. We believe this plan does that and, whilst not yet adopted, the draft plan has already been successfully used to prevent the development of Cherryholt Meadows.

But the plan isn’t just about stopping development, it is also there to support developments which conform to its policies and which will help create a sustainable future for the town. Such is the case of St.Martin’s Park which brings employment, local amenities, a residential home, affordable houses  and includes the creation of green spaces. The new development also supports active travel, and will follow a strict design code which protects this important gateway approach into the town.

Stamford residents have shaped this plan which is based on their views and I do hope as many residents will have a further say though this final consultation”.

Links to the plan and supporting documents and details of how to take part in the consultation process can be found on the South Kesteven website.

Further information about the plan and how it was created can be found on the Stamford First website with links on social media to – Twitter @stamfordfirst. Facebook –