Stamford FIRST is the “Stamford Neighbourhood Planning Forum” – a community group formed by and working under the auspices of Stamford Town Council to take responsibility for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Stamford.

The group was founded by Chairman, David Taylor, and launched in April 2016 with an expectation of delivering a plan within around 5 years. In December 2020, the group submitted it’s plan to SKDC for the final stage of the process – examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

Further explanation of the Neighbourhood Planning process is given elsewhere on this website but key among Stamford FIRST’s responsibilities is the requirement to ensure that an effective consultation process takes place with the community, so that Stamford’s plan is genuinely shaped by local residents and represents their views.

Effective and thorough consultation with residents is the very ethos of neighbourhood planning.

To that end, Stamford FIRST has, over the last two years, held around 20 engagement events at different locations around the town which have included meetings with residents, community groups, businesses and special interest organisations.

In addition Stamford FIRST has also undertaken consultation with residents by means of online and printed questionnaires which will were distributed to 8000 homes in Stamford. The full results of this survey can be found here.

Businesses in Stamford were also consulted by means of an online questionnaire which was sent by email to over 400 business owners and directors in the town. The results of our business survey can be found here.

We are now in the process of developing a draft plan with our consultants and this plan will be the subject of further public consultation in late 2018.

A full timetable for the process to date and looking ahead to the end of the process can be found here.

To ensure good practice and transparency, Stamford FIRST has an adopted constitution, which can be seen here and to which the Group must adhere to throughout the process.