On average Neighbourhood Plans take around 5 years to complete from the inception of the process to adoption of the plan. Stamford FIRST initiated the process of creating the plan in January 2016 but has been hampered since then by a number of delays which have been beyond our control.

That said, our plan is now completed in it’s final draft form and will shortly be submitted to the local authority for approval (a process called Regulation 16) before going to the Planning Inspectorate for their sign-off (Regulation 17). Following these process and a positive outcome the Plan will be the subject to a referendum in which all Stamford residents will be eligible to vote for the plans adoption. Not withstanding any further delays the following is the timetable we are now working to –

  • Preparation and Drafting of Plan – Jan 2018 – May 2019 – COMPLETED
    • Policies, allocations, designations and community actions to fulfil the Plan objectives will be drafted and brought together into a draft plan.
  • Initial meeting with SKDC to sign-off draft June 2019 – COMPLETED
    • Primarily to determine if due process has been adhered to, but also to determine whether the policies put forward are adequately supported by our evidence base.
  • Public consultation on Stamford Plan August – October 2019 (Regulation 14) – COMPLETED
    • The consultation ran for 8 weeks rather than the obligatory 6 weeks
    • Four public consultation events were held at various venues throughout the town and were attended by around 100 people
    • In addition comments were invited by all members of the public by email or letter and all were recorded and responded to
    • Statutory bodies were also consulted and provide feedback and comments
  • Redrafting of plan following feedback from consultation – November 2019 – June 2020 – COMPLETED
    • Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, this process, which we hoped to complete by February 2020, has been delayed.
    • However the final draft is now complete and incorporates all feedback from consultees as appropriate.
    • The plan in it’s latest form has given increased protection for green spaces throughout the town, the incorporation of protection of iconic views of the town and of the River Welland corridor. In addition a number of “community aspirations” have been added including the creation of additional wildlife designations for the East Meadows.
  • Submission of final draft to Local Planning Authority (SKDC) – Regulation16 – July 2020
    • The final draft will be submitted to the local planning authority to ensure the plan aligns with national and local planning policy and that due process has been followed. At this stage SKDC will also undertake an Strategic Environment Assessment.
    • The plan will then be the subject of a further 6 weeks of consultation, a process which will undertaken by SKDC.
    • All comments at this stage of the process will then be forwarded to the Planning Inspector at Regulation 17 stage.
  • Examination by the Planning Inspector – Regulation 17 – September 2020
  • Referendum May 2021

As at 14th July 2020